Characteristic Mount To Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani trekking one of cool journey  because this mount  have fire to of highest second in Indonesia with height 3.726 mdpl and also lay in transversal 8º25? LS and 116º28? This BT represent mount of favorite for climber Indonesia, because of his panoramic view panoramic beauty. Mount of Rinjani own wide about 41.330 ha. administratively is this mount stay in region three Middle there are East Lombok, Center Lombok and West Lombok. Mount Rinjani with highest dot 3.726 m dpl, predominating view of upstate Lombok island. In westside trapeze of Rinjani of there are kaldera broadly about 3.500 m × 4.800 m, long toward east and west.

In Mount Rinjani Trekking climbers can findSegara Anak (Segara=Laut, lake) for the width of 11.000.000 m with deepness 230 m. Water emiting a stream of from this lake form very beautiful waterfall, emiting a stream of melewati of steep creavasse. In Segara of Child of a lot of there are goldfish and mujair so that is often used to fish. Part of south of this lake is referred as by Segara is Endut. At the Side of east of kaldera of there are New Mount (called Mount Barujari) who own fairish cauldron 170m×200 m with height 2.296 – 2376 m dpl.

This Small mount is last of active of commencing from 2 May 2009 and as long as May, after previously erupt also year 2004. If year eruption 2004 do not eat , 2009 year eruption this have eaten indirect  31 people, because floods bandang of at Crow  Tanggek lava pressure to Segara child. his before, Mount Barujari have been noted to erupt in the year 1944 (at one blow the forming it), 1966, and 1994. Besides Mount Barujari of there are also the other dissimilar cauldron have been erupt, mount group  stratigrafi, Mount Rinjani pillowed by rock sedimen klastik Neogen (inclusive of limestone), and local by rock mount volcano Oligo-Miosen. Quarter it self  yield piroklastik, what is some place across with lava. That Litologi is record  knew in history. Since year 1847 have been happened by 7 times popping, with short rest meter 1 year and longest 37 year like of at volcano.


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